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Become a feimso
Founding Member!

Every huge vision starts somewhere and we all wish we were one of the first accounts on Instagram or Facebook. Here is your chance to join a movement and platform that will connect ALL elements of fashion, in one place, for the FIRST time EVER.

As a platform built by the people for the people, we understand that it's YOU, the first users that will take it and make it your home. For joining us on this journey to becoming the new home for fashion, we want to ensure that you’re rewarded, and enjoy some unique benefits as we grow together!

Being one of the first 1K profiles open on feimso will make you a VIP member for life!

No matter how big we grow, you’ll never be asked to pay any membership fees, EVER!

You’ll have a coveted priority status of invitations for FREE to exclusive feimso events, tips, tricks and fun!

You’ll receive an exclusive badge on your profile as a public status to show that you were one of the first users, which will boost and establish your account as one of the strongest!

Enjoy exclusive access to one-on-one support to help set up your profile.


You’ll receive a tailored Starter Pack, and we’ll guide you step by step to unlock the full potential of every opportunity that feimso embodies:
* Creating wealth, content, fashion, experiences, connections and community.
* Sustainability, and a better world for the future.

We know we can’t do this without our founding members and we’re looking forward to starting this new project with YOU at its heart.

If you've already subscribed - when you receive an email announcing that we're live, all you have to do is download the app and sign up - it's that simple!


If you haven't yet subscribed, CLICK HERE to receive the invitation before our official launch! 

With feimso, The World Is Your Wardrobe!


Ina & Erin

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