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First step: Download feimso: 
(if you haven't already)

feimso Prima Rewards

Helping us de-bug and create a seamless User Experience means a lot to us.

For helping us develop a better app, we want to reward you. Beta Testers in feimso will receive:

✔️ No membership fees for the first year

✔️ VIP priority access to exclusive events in the community

✔️ 3 Spotlight exposure spots in Upcoming Feature 'feimso Faves'*

✔️ Invite-only exclusive programs

✔️ Gift card for your birthday once Beta has concluded

✔️ Giveaways and prize pools

✔️ Interviews and feimso commercial content opportunities

✔️ Access to exclusive campaigns and challenges

✔️ feimso Original Badging visible on your profile when released

✔️ Exciting new opportunities in the future.

* Terms and conditions apply

How to Beta Test

Let's squash all the bugs together.

It's easy - Use the app normally and simply report bugs, errors and parts of the app that malfunction or don't work along the way.

You should see a blue speech bubble on your screen after you have opened an account. By clicking on the blue bubble, you can follow the prompts to log a bug, error and even offer suggestions.

If you do not see the blue bubble, please click HERE and let us know.

Instabug bubble beta testing explanation.png

What We're Testing

Downloading feimso and Opening an account:

✔️Entering details

✔️Following Prompts

✔️Verification email timing and format

Completing Profile Setup:

✔️Uploading a profile picture

✔️Completing your Bio

✔️Adding an address in My Account

✔️Adding payment methods in General Settings 

✔️Adding a bank account for payment in General Settings

✔️Interaction Preferences in General Settings

✔️Privacy Settings for Profiles in General Settings

✔️Following other accounts

The Lookbook:

✔️Uploading pictures


✔️Liking, Saving and Archiving posts

✔️Uploading multiple pictures (carousels)

Uploading Listings in My Shop

✔️Pictures, Categories and all elsements of creating a listing

Uploading Listings in My Experiences

✔️Pictures, Categories and all elsements of creating a listing

Home Feed

✔️Pictures, Categories and all elsements of creating a listing

Browsing the feimso Marketplace

✔️Asking questions, adding to cart and adding to Wishlist

COMING NEXT: E-Commerce Transactions & Checkout

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