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feimso Beta Bugs Update Centre

We know it can be frustrating when something doesn’t work. Your feedback is essential for creating a seamless user experience. 

feimso is a brand new app so while we’re in Beta there will be a few little bumps along the way and we’re expecting them. By helping us identify and fix bugs, you contribute to making feimso a better app for everyone.

How to Beta Test

Let's squash all the bugs together.

Of course the first step is to make sure that feimso is up to date on your device. Before reporting any bugs, head to Google Play or App Store first and make sure you've Updated to the latest version.


It's easy - Use the app normally and simply report bugs, errors and parts of the app that malfunction or don't work along the way.

You should see a blue speech bubble on your screen after you have opened an account. By clicking on the blue bubble, you can follow the prompts to log a bug, error and even offer suggestions.

If you do not see the blue bubble, please click HERE and let us know.

Instabug bubble beta testing explanation.png

Known Bugs - June 2024

​Our tech team is constantly working in the background on new features and to make sure the app works correctly. Glitches or temporarily broken features ("bugs") are normal and whilst they are working to make these features work as they should, here are some solutions in the meantime while they're being fixed:

  1. Handle not appearing above posts
    Solution: Members Centre>My Profile>Update Username (handle) section>Save
    *NOTE please see Bug #2 before actioning this.


  2. Bio fields clearing/wiping when updating one element
    Solution: Update all three elements from scratch at the same time (Change Profile Picture + Username + Your Bio


  3. Street Address appearing on posts
    Solution: Tech is working on this to only show city.

  4. Lags, Buffering and App Crashes when uploading Listings and Posts
    Solution: Tech is working on this.


  5. Can't download the feimso App
    Solution: Tech is investigating this.


  6. Issue Opening and account - DOB doesn't work correctly or other buttons
    Solution: Tech is workng on this.


  7. Email Verification doesn't work
    Solution: Ensure you are clicking the verification link on the same device that the app is installed on. If you wait on the white screen it may take you to the App Store or the app and verify. For those that this does not work for, tech is working on this.

  8. Password reset doesn't work 
    Solution: Please email with 'Password Reset Issue + NAME' in the title from the email you have opened the account with and outline the details so that we can find your account and assist.

Is there something else we haven't mentioned here? Let us know by emailing or using the Instabug feature inside the feimso app.

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