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feimso exists to make people’s fashion choices accessible, inclusive, fun and sustainable. We will be stubborn on our vision and agile on the details so we can fulfil the aspiration and needs of our users with new easy fashion solutions, in a way that only feimso can do. 

Brand Promise 


feimso will be the bridge that connects people with other people, retailers, designers, creators and professionals in the fashion industry. We are going to reduce shopping complexity & create a digital, fashion-focused platform where our users will have access to unlimited fashion choices. 

Everyone that has an account with us, has the ability to be whoever they want and use fashion however they like. 

feimso will empower users to have a say in the fashion industry. Through feimso, people will be able to support a brand, a certain designer or retailer, their community or even a movement. 


 ‘‘The goal is to create value by providing simple daily solutions for our users.  Our core idea is connecting aspiration in needs and creating a virtual home for everyone that wants to play or be a part of the fashion industry.’’

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