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Sustainability First

Second Hand Market
Recycling Bin

According to multiple surveys, sustainability will be both the single biggest challenge AND the single biggest opportunity for 2020-2025.

The global fashion industry is extremely consuming, polluting and wasteful. Fashion players need to swap promotional noise and platitudes for meaningful action and regulatory compliance while facing up to consumer demand for transformational change.

feimso is an innovative platform that encourages the circular economy by creating a place for users where they can recycle their pre-loved clothes and accessories by selling or utilising a feimso standard feature: Rental.

Users can rent items in good condition to other users, or businesses in an easy, effective way.

By encouranging a new normal of recycling and monetising each individual's wardrobe, feimso will minimise waste and touches on the root of one of the problems: The need to make, and consume less. 

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feimso Donations

In the near future, feimso will offer an opportunity for users and members alike to help solve one of the biggest fashion issues globally to date: waste. Through a donation feature, the user or member can choose to donate their used/old/unsold clothing stock through the feimso platform to any one of multiple networks of other users in need, charities or partners that break down fabrics to reuse. 

feimso will allow users and members alike, the opportunity be able to get that green tick, feel good about themselves and feel like they're making real change and minimising waste, by recycling their wardrobe items, or unsold stock. 

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