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feimso Story

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feimso was born in 2021, in the middle of a pandemic when two friends, Ina Feimi and Erin Sokolowsky, wanted to save their rental business. They started off in the fashion industry, selling custom-made European gowns to fashion lovers in New Zealand and soon after, while looking at their overflowing closets and in need of another income stream, they decided to rent their own wardrobes. Soon iRentNZ was founded: an online rental platform which piqued the interest of local fashion enthusiasts. But when Covid hit, everything changed. For the better!

feimso came to life as a result of many personal pain points and the need to change and improve the fashion system from both perspectives: consumers and retailers. Determined to empower individuals with their lifestyle and simplify their fashion choices, Ina and Erin conceived a fashion concept where control lay in everyone's hands, similar to Airbnb, Instagram, LinkedIn and Amazon. In 2022 Mike Taylor and BBT Digital joined the company to develop the first prototype and bring an in-house tech team dedicated to the app development. Through countless brainstorming sessions and unwavering dedication, feimso become more than an app. It's a living, evolving ecosystem: Shaping unique journeys, supporting sustainability, and breaking the boundaries of inclusivity and accessibility. For us, feimso is the democratisation of fashion, for people, who are the future of fashion.

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Founders' Story

Looking back on the day we met, it's almost like fate brought us together. I was a new emigrant trying to find my place in New Zealand, while she was the social butterfly that everyone wanted to have at their events. We were like two puzzle pieces that had finally found each other and it was only a matter of time before a genuine friendship turned into a sizzling business partnership.

We started off in the fashion industry, selling custom-made European gowns to fashion lovers in New Zealand. It was a great success and soon after, we founded iRentNZ. We rented out our unique pieces, which piqued the interest of local fashion enthusiasts. But then, the pandemic hit and everything changed.

As the fashion industry shifted, we knew we had to change too. Our goal became crystal clear - we wanted to build a platform where people were in control. A place where anyone could have their cake and eat it too, no matter who they were in the fashion industry.

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Co-Founders of feimso L to R: Ina Feimi and Erin Sokolowsky 

And that's when the magic happened. We had a 'Eureka!' moment and envisioned a daring, futuristic business model. The million-dollar question was, 'What if...?' We immediately called each other and, in a single excited breath, blurted out the idea. After extensive market research, countless business meetings, and more than a few sleepless nights, we developed feimso.


feimso is not just another online platform. It's a community where people can monetize everything fashion. It's a place where creativity and uniqueness are celebrated, and people can connect, inspire, and collaborate with one another. It's the democratisation of the fashion industry, giving power back to the people and bringing value to their personal style and fashion items. 

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We've created a platform that resembles a living, architectural being, one that shapes and adapts to people's experiences and evokes every user's individual journey. What started as an idea and a solution to a personal problem has now taken a life of its own - bringing the fashion world together - supporting sustainability, circular economy, accessibility to unlimited limitations. 

So, buckle up and join us on this journey because this is just the beginning. We're revolutionizing the fashion industry, one step at a time. 

March 2021 feimso Planning, research and early work.

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