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feimso Privacy Policy

1.       Application of Policy

1.1     Your access to any App, and the use of the Services, is subject to the following privacy policy (“Policy”). 

1.2     Any reference to “Feimso”, “We”, “Us” or “Our” is a reference to Feimso Operations Limited or its Related Entity.

1.3     Any reference to “You” or “Your” are a reference to you as a User.

1.4     This Policy is the terms on which Feimso with handle any personal information you have provided.

1.5     By utilising the Services in any way, you are representing to Feimso that you have read, understood and accepted these Policy, and agree to be bound by them. 

1.6     If you do not accept this Policy, you must refrain from using the Services. Feimso will continue to be bound by this Policy.

1.7     This Policy will prevail if there is any inconsistency with any other document.  

1.8     The Policy may be updated from time to time, usually due to changes or obligations placed on it by legislation. You acknowledge that the then current Policy is the one that will apply at any given time.


2.       Definitions 

2.1     “Account” means an account created on any Service we provide.

2.2     “Personal Information” has the same meaning as provided in the Privacy Act 2020.

2.3     “Related Entity” means the company whom may operate the Services in the User’s region. The Related Entity will be providing the Services under licence with Us. The User agrees that the Related Entity will be able to enforce any requirement under these Policy as if it was a named party in these Policy. The User agrees that they will not need to be notified of whom that Related Entity is, or any change from the Services being provided by Us to the Related Entity.

2.4     “Services" means any interaction you may have with any App or Website, and Transactions or other interactions that result from that.


3.       Background

3.1     We provide a way for Users to connect over both their love for fashion, but also their desire to do it better, both for the world and humanity.

3.2     For this reason, we provide a platform for people to enjoy fashion in a more sustainable way. While fashion is always changing, it should never be fast and disposable.

3.3     Handled in a better way, we see the Feimso approach as being about Accessible Fashion, that people should be able to be able to look how they want without needing to worry about a high cost, or a rarely used item going unused.

3.4     We also hope that it provides people with access to a wider variety of options. With Feimso, the World is your Wardrobe.


4.       General Account Policy

4.1     An Account can be created in three ways:

(a)      By creating an Account on a Website by entering the required information and verifying the Account in a method as we may require; or

(b)      By creating an Account through an App by entering the required information and verifying the Account in a method as we may require; or

(c)      Through the use of a third-party social networking site (“SNS”). The use of an SNS will create an Account on our Website with the information which the SNS provides, with your permission, to us. We may require additional details and you may be required to enter these on either the creation of your Account or at some later date. By using an SNS to create an Account, you authorise us to receive, hold and make use of the information which the SNS provides to us (“SNS Information”). We reserve the right to use the SNS Information within our Website, and the right to post (with your consent) details of our services to the SNS on your behalf. You agree that you will not hold us at all accountable if, for any reason, the SNS is no longer able to be used to access the Website. You will still be bound by any agreement you may have with the SNS. We may still ask you to verify your Account in a method as we may require. 

4.2     Any information received, in any of the Account creation methods noted above, that is personal information will be held by in accordance with the Policy. 

4.3     Any further personal information provided to Feimso while using the Services, which is personal information, will be held in accordance with this Policy.


5.       Privacy Information

5.1     You agree that any information you provide to us may be used by us at any time for any purposes connected with our business including, but not limited to, direct marketing. Any personal information is held by Feimso and you have certain right of access to your personal information under the privacy legislation that may be applicable in your country.

5.2     Any information provided by you will not be disclosed to any third party unless we are legally required to do, or it is required for us to provide the Services.

5.3     You acknowledge that, as We operate is several different countries, your private information may be transferred to a country that does not have privacy legislation and rights that are comparable to those in your home country. By using our Services you agree that we may transfer your private information where we require to do so to operate our business.

5.4     We agree that we will provide you with a copy of your personal information, as required by any legislation that may apply, and will correct any errors in that information.


6.       General

6.1     We will not be prevented from enforcing any of our rights under this agreement because on an earlier occasion we did not enforce those rights.

6.2     You agree that we may assign, delegate or subcontract any or all of our rights or obligations under this Policy.  

6.3     The law that governs this policy is New Zealand law. All references to legislation are in reference to New Zealand legislation. However, Feimso will comply, as best as it can, with the privacy legislation of any jurisdiction in which it operates, unless, in doing so, it breaches the Privacy Act 2020 or any other New Zealand legislation, or GDPR requirements.

6.4     Any part of the Policy that is held to be invalid or unenforceable, for any reason, shall be severed from the Policy and shall not affect the provisions that remain.

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