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Are you a feimso Experience Bringer? Photographers, MUAs, Stylists, Pattern Makers, Designers, Creators and Influencers (AND more)! List your fashion-related services, gatherings or events, set your rates, show off your talents and even list a tutorial or webinar that others can pay to view and learn your skills! No need for an external website, feimso gives you the freedom to be creative, innovative and allow for new ideas to be born and experienced! #VirtualSpace


No website? No problem! Whether you’re a small retailer, bespoke designer or creator, a website is costly in hosting, and fees! There are no membership or listing fees ever, for the first 1K accounts registered on feimso. You’ll have access to our fashion-only target market network both locally and globally, which will maximise advertising spend, and visibility of your Business. One less cost, is more revenue to you! Become part of the new, ‘hybrid’ business model of the future!

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Start your own store, or sell and rent your outifts AND services all at the same time! Find exactly what you’re after, whether luxury, new, vintage or bespoke by browsing what others have in their closet or store! Set your own price point, market it how YOU want and grow your own brand presence through your Lookbook, and reap the rewards. Don’t have a wardrobe? How about selling for others?! The opportunities are endless!


Showcase your fashion design through the Lookbook and use feimso as an academic tool to connect with other students and designers! Source inspiration, collaborate and compare, as well as browse and socialise, all while making money on the side. Feimso will pay particular attention to ALL students by supporting them to have visibility as they learn and grow in the industry.



Everyone has a wardrobe full of clothes and battles the ever-present challenges of what to keep and what to sell as we try to stay up with trends, fluid fashion choices and the curse of the ‘never-be-seen-in-the-same-outfit-twice” mentality. With feimso whether you’re an store or individual, you can buy & sell to each other, plus a NEW approach: List your favourite items you can’t bear to part with for Rent, and be part of the future of fashion with a circular economy and sustainability in mind! Imagine having unlimited access to wardrobes everywhere to find what you’re REALLY looking for whether that’s on trend or something more unique. Through feimso you have access to stores and wardrobes anywhere in a place that is purely fashion focused. 


Whether you’re a part-time worker, stay-at-home parent, tertiary student, or small-business owner, you can list your items for sale or rent, stay up to date with any fashion trends, celebrities, and social events both locally and globally. Socialise, and interact with your preferred niche as well as exploring others, whilst you shop and browse! Learn new skills following others and even grow a business; The choice is yours!


For us, feimso is YOU. Whoever you are, your have the power to create your own account, staying true to your own unique style and flair. Go Crazy.


With feimso, the local market will be supported more than ever because you’re visible and therefore able to be supported, but you can also live globally. 


Everyone can express themselves with fashion. Be as involved as you like, and it all starts, with an account on feimso.

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