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Why feimso

A Virtual World dedicated to Fashion!
Other social platforms are saturated with everything from fitness to food to art, the list goes on. feimso is fashion only and therefore has opportunities to boost you and your own unique style or brand to others who can connect with you.

No website? No Shopify? No Problem
Save hundreds even thousands a year! One feimso account gives you unlimited FREE listings in your virtual space, and no need to send them to another website because the checkout is in the same place as your target market.. 

feimso is a fashion only platform, that means you’ll be visited and seen by people interested in just that locally and globally! 

Multiple Accounts - Unlimited Potential
Sign up for a personal account, or a business account. You can sign up for as many as you want. We understand that business and pleasure should be kept separate but you can make money from both and that is up to you! 

Not that into fashion?
Fact is we all need clothes and clothing costs a lot. Use feimso to list one piece, or as much as you want from your wardrobe and make some extra money.

Shop and Browse - Unlimited Access!
Looking for THAT dress or shoes, maybe something that's no longer in stores? Someone, somewhere has it in your size! Don’t click through to multiple external websites searching for it… Come to feimso: One platform gives you access to not just stores and designers, but the ability to peek inside other people's wardrobes as well, for a better price.

Rental - Part of the Future of Fashion!
Why sell when you can make money more than once off your clothing? Find hidden gems in your wardrobe, your grandmother's or your friend's, and tell them they're helping you help the environment! 

Share Content and Connect
Upload to your lookbook, interact, follow, comment and share with others! Create your own network and support communities you love. 

Collaborations and Partnerships

By following and connecting directly with other accounts, you can team up together to create campaigns, projects, and content for your self or your business. 

Tips, Tricks & Education!

If you KNOW how to do something you can put a price on it! Create content, make a video, post and list your webinars, tutorials, styling seminars and any other fashion services.  Want to learn a new skill? Find and follow someone who inspires you on the platform.

Bring an Experience

You can sell fashion related skills as an Experience with feimso, whether that's Fashion Design, Photography, Modelling, Styling, Makeup, Meet and Greets or even Cultural Experiences, and you don't have to be an expert. Turn a hobby into money, or a passion into a career. Create new opportunities by adding an experience for others to be involved in and enjoy your talent. 

Sustainability First
feimso welcomes all fashion, but encourages a focus on circular economy by creating a place for users to recycle their preloved clothes and accessories, which minimises waste. Bring back value to your wardrobe and help the environment. 

Entertain Yourself and Others
Fashion is fun! Be creative: Reshare your favourite reels, tiktoks, photos, memes and create new content through your Lookbook. Take part in challenges. Check in each day to laugh, learn, and discover new things.

The feimso Checkout Convenience
You don't have to convert customers to another website to finishing buying. feimso is an e-commerce platform where you can rent, sell and donate all your listed items Business to Business, peer to peer, or a combination of both within the platform. You have full control over price, shipping and the customer journey from start to finish. 

This is the place to be for fashion!

There are so many more reasons to be a part of feimso, which we’ll share as we race toward launch! 

Want more in-depth involvement with feimso before launch? Why not be part of our exclusive Beta Testing team? 

CLICK HERE to find out more.


Visit our social media to stay up to date!

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