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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Setting Up Your feimso Account

   Can I browse and check out if I don’t have an account?

   Username or Password isn’t recognised

   Resetting your password

   Keeping your credentials safe

   Why does feimso need my Date of Birth?

   How do I edit my account details?

   Do I have to pay tax on my feimso earnings?

   Logging Out or Deleting an Account

   Switching between Accounts

My Profile

   Setting up your profile

   Editing your profile

   Username availability


          Managing your digital content

          feimso content guidelines

   Navigating from your profile

          Static Menue Bar

   Home Feed

   Profile Privacy

   Changing your Location

   My Notifications

   Can I share my account, posts and listings to other platforms or people?

Member Centre


My Shop – Selling

   Is selling on feimso free?

   Uploading an item for Sale

   Uploading an item for Rent

   Can I block out certain dates on the Calendar for Rental Items?

   Does the Calendar for Rented Items sync with my Google or iOS calendar?

   List of Categories

   How do I refund a buyer or cancel a rental?

   I haven’t received my payment

   Selling items faster - Tips

   Pending Balances

   Changing Currencies & Locations

   Getting Paid – links to Payments and Withdrawals


   Seller Returns, Cancellations and Disputes

   Managing Your Listings

   Managing Your Seller Policies

   Archived Listings

   Shipping – link to Shipping section

   Tips & Tricks

          COMING SOON

My Experiences – Services

   Uploading an Experience

   List of Categories

   No one showed to my booking

   Pending Balances

   Types of Experiences


             COMING SOON



   Booking Process

   Managing Your Experience Policies

   Off-Platform Communication       

   Cancellations, Rescheduling and Disputes

   Managing Your Experiences

   Archived Listings

   Tips & Tricks

          COMING SOON

Buying & My Orders





   User My Closet/My Experiences

   Personal or Business Policies and Ts&Cs

   Shipping – link to shipping section

   Cancellations, Returns and Disputes

          Editing an Order

          Cancelling an Order

          Return or Exchange Items

          Opening a dispute

          Resolving a dispute

   Communication, Reviews and Ratings



   Tracking Orders

   I haven’t received my Item

   How do I get a refund?

   Tips & Tricks

          COMING SOON


   Local Shipping

   International Shipping

   Pick Up and Drop Off

   Tips & Tricks

          COMING SOON 

Advertising & Jumps 

   What is a Post, Item or Experience Jump?
          COMING SOON

   Tips & Tricks

          COMING SOON


   Novice, Hobbyist, Intermediate, Expert Badging

          COMING SOON

   Address Verification

   Luxury Goods Verification

   Other Verification Tips

          COMING SOON

Payments & Withdrawals

   Uploading a Credit Card

   Changing Default Payment Methods

   Payment Settings

   Pending Payments & Time Frames

          My Closet

          My Experiences

   Refunding Consumers

   Tax in Your Country

   Accessing your Transaction History

          COMING SOON

   Tips & Tricks

          COMING SOON

Trust & Safety

   Bullying and Communication

          Comments and Messaging

          Ratings and Reviews

          Reporting a Comment or Account
   Building a Trustworthy Profile


          Tips & Tricks

   feimso & COVID-19

          General Impacts on orders, services and deliveries

          COVID-19 New Zealand FAQ

   Safe Online Shopping

          Learn how to protect your account

          Report Something Suspicious

          Fake Goods and Misleading Listings

   Hate Speech & Discrimination

   Phishing Scams, Social Media Profiles & emails claiming to be feimso

   Buyer Protection

   Seller Protection

   I’ve had a problem with another User


Ratings and Reviews

Archived Listings and Posts 

   View your archived posts and orders

Questions & Answers


Technical Issues

   Problems Signing In

   Reporting a Bug – How it works and How we fix them

   I can’t list an item or experience

   Latest App Versions

   New features

   Your devices

   feimso App requirements

feimso Terms & Conditions, and Polices

   Prohibited Items and Services

   Terms & Conditions

   Data Policy

   Privacy Policy

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