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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Setting Up Your feimso Account

Can I browse and check out if I don’t have an account?

For Beta Testing, only the feimso App is available. A user must have an account to be able to access feimso during this time. 

When the feimso website integration is live later in 2023, you will be able to access the feimso Marketplace via the website portal to browse Items and Experiences, and check out without an account. If you wish to list items or experiences for sale, you are required to have a feimso account.

Username or Password isn’t recognised

Occasionally we can experience bugs with our App and software. These are usually rectified promptly. After moving through the checklist below, if your credentials are still not accepted, please contact our Customer Service through the option at the bottom of the FAQs Main Menu Page


Password Checklist:

   - Check that your email is correct

   - Check that your password has been entered correctly and that your phone hasn’t
      automatically started with a capital letter.

   - Try resetting your password.


Username Checklist:

   - Usernames are unique and can only be used by one account. If your username is
      unavailable you may have to select another.

   - Symbols are not accepted as part of usernames, only underscores, hyphens, full stops and

   - Once you have changed your username, you cannot change it again for 30 days.

   - If your username selected is the legal name of a brand, if the brand elects to open a feimso
      account, they will have the right to be assigned the relevant username and you may be
      requested to select another. 

Resetting your password

Keeping your credentials safe

Why does feimso need my Date of Birth?


How do I edit my account details?

Do I have to pay tax on my feimso earnings?

Hacked Accounts

Logging Out or Deleting an Account

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