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feimso - Your new Home for Fashion

feimso was born in 2021 – Yes, we’re one of the pivotal Companies of the pandemic - and we’re about to launch as what we think could grow to be the world’s most accessible and all-inclusive social fashion platform, ever. We know this is a bold claim, but as you get to know us, you’ll start to see that the future of fashion is in everyone’s hands as the users, readers and doers of the world. Simply being yourself honestly and authentically IS the future, and feimso is the way to do it!

While we’re building in the background a lot of what we’re bringing is still under wraps, but let’s start by asking why there isn’t a fashion platform that exists yet? Let’s face it, fashion is one of the biggest industries and economic powerhouses of the modern world after all. The community is rich with artists and professionals all working together on a daily basis! There are a lot of forums, groups, and online portals that exist, but not one that connects everyone, everywhere, at any time!

Until now, we’ve all been out here on overcrowded platforms trying to connect and collaborate amongst all the fitness and food, cats and viral dances. Sourcing connections can take hours, weeks, months or fall short of the mark altogether. Designers aren’t getting seen, nor are the MUAs, Models, Patternmakers, or Visionaries. Students are struggling to find concentrated sources of inspiration that aren’t mainstream, and the rest of us mere humans are still unable to find the exact coat or shirt, dress or shoes that actually really speak to us amongst the dictated trends and cycles; We all walk into stores anywhere in the world and are shown the same stuff at the same time of year to ‘choose’ from.

The way we see it is that fashion is a daily ritual that everyone, everywhere experiences from clothing, to accessories to makeup, photography, and even social media. We’re all living in the age of the 1.7 second attention span in 2021, and fashion has become our visual language to speak to the world without saying a single word - quickly! It is now one of, if not the most powerful tools of the modern age, and so we’d like to ask you to join us on this journey, to help us grow and get excited about a fashion community finally being forged – All elements of Fashion in one place, together! It just makes sense and it’s the right time as more of the world moves online.

The World Is Your Wardrobe!

Sign up to be one of our first 1K VIP Subscribers and we'll give you the first opportunity to use the feimso App, before anyone else in the the world!

We have an opportunity for a limited number of fashion early birds to apply to be Beta Testers as our build continues as well as perks for our first subscribers to the feimso community.

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Written by: Erin Sokolowsky 2021

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