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The Power Inside Your Wardrobe

If you are like me, you might sometimes contemplate about just when it got so complicated wearing clothes, and dream of an idyllic world where you have access to everything based on your needs.

In that dream world there are no stressful decisions of what to wear tomorrow, no wasting time on indoor shopping, no pressure from the fashion trends, no worries about my bank balance, no pain from not having anything to wear and no guilt of not contributing to the environment with every purchase of fast fashion I make.

It sounds perfect and almost impossible.

But, that's the idea behind feimso: A fashion app that allows users to have access to unlimited choices from retailers and individuals like you and me. It's like an AirBnb for clothes and fashion experiences. A platform that gives value to everyone's wardrobe so they can make money from renting and selling their clothes, accessories or their skills.

Millions of transactions are happening every day all over our world right at this moment. More millions are spent on experiences related to the fashion industry, and let's not forget the millions of tons that are being burned in landfills of unused clothes in the name of fashion...

What connects you to all these 3 scenarios is your wardrobe. Even though you are not a retailer, you do have a stock of clothes inside your closet that can be used to make money and help with the circular economy.

If you can rent your house and your car, why not your wardrobe? Someone out there is probably looking for the things you have, in your size and the colour you have chosen. Instead of searching through racks of clothing or websites to find the perfect clothing item, people more and more want to support small businesses and individuals. It's convenient. Better price point and more choices with the chance to build personal relationships and support sustainability.

Now more than ever, consumers are educated with the immediacy response. Less and less people want to leave their comfortable homes to go outside, to hopefully find what they are looking for and then queue to pay for it. The way consumers get inspired has changed. Social media , influencers, celebrities, brands and organisations have made online shopping the new normal.

Following this new normal, among other elements, feimso is introducing the ability to have a peek inside everyone's wardrobe and empowering people to create wealth from their own clothes or accessories.

Everyone can create an account, same as any other social media and list their items inside their closet space where other users can look and rent or buy them. You will be able to answer their questions and connect with likeminded people who are exactly like you, are looking for a better and easier shopping experience, because feimso enables a smooth and speedy transition from inspiration to acquisition.

As a social marketplace we are redesigning the future of fashion by making the transaction value conscious, helping make fashion circular and changing the way clothing is purchased and used.

feimso aims to be the bridge between people by giving them not only a voice in the fashion industry but removing them from the receiving end position in a world controlled by big retailers.

feimso will be an awakening call for millions of people to use the power they have inside their wardrobes and have more say, more control and more impact in the fashion industry.

To learn more, visit

Written by Ina Feimi 27 November 2021

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