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Why feimso? And why now?

Everything is online either partially or completely nowadays – Especially since the pandemic. A new normal is looming and no one wants to feel left out, or behind. We felt it too. Two girls renting their wardrobe, we were hit by a global lockdown in 2020 and an immediate halt to our business and… income.

Like so many other stories, innovation is born from necessity and amidst the stress of lost business and an uncertain future, we noticed that we weren’t alone. Hundreds and thousands of other fashion businesses, professionals, models and even individuals were desperate to keep their hobbies, livelihoods and passions going, but beginning to feel more and more lost amongst the noise of diluted social media platforms, expenses for websites to allow people to check out and of course, the hours of interacting with people to get them to see our profiles and because we didn’t want to spend hundreds on advertising just to be seen.

If online is the future, we started to wonder why the fashion industry is still so disjointed. A friend and fashion designer complained to me that he had to spend 48 hours to organise a photoshoot sifting through google and social media for hours to find a studio, then again for models, stylists, makeup artists and was left feeling stressed and frustrated when all he wanted to do was create.

Models have shared how they feel unseen using #model or without spending money on boosting – their agencies haven’t been able to supply regular work but don’t want them to freelance which has left them feeling lost and uninspired. These were just a few stories amongst countless experiences across all areas of the fashion industry once we started digging. We found that being online was suddenly a very hard thing to be successful at and actually make things work if you weren’t already a big name.

We decided therefore, to build a platform to help not just us, but everyone else in the fashion industry as well. The feimso project has grown over the past 18 months from a peer-to-peer selling and rental platform to a full-scale, global fashion platform – A one-stop-shop for everything fashion where, as our tagline says, the world is your wardrobe.

We're not just a platform to buy and rent clothing and accessories. Feimso is a full ecosystem with immersive social media, in-platform checkout and the introduction of monetisation across every element possible. My designer friend could book all elements of his photo shoot through feimso, including checking out. Models can have a profile and be found using our comprehensive search through location and many other sub-categories. Influencers can be booked immediately for work, events, set their rates. Pattern Makers can sell their patterns, or classes; Opportunities are endless.

We want feimso to be a place where users who are passionate about fashion, can experience freedom from market limitations, and to feel empowered with fashion by bringing value to their lives and money to their pockets simply, and in a fun, dynamic way. Fashion is full of nuance and entertainment. It’s creation and art, and it’s our second skin we wear to show who we are to the world. As such, the industry should be easy to interact and connect with.

We’re so excited to bring feimso to App stores in just a few short months and see our first users log in to inspire, create and connect as their fashion communities grow! From students, to entrepreneurs, designers to wholesalers, feimso is the new home for fashion!

Be part of our first VIP users and get pre-launch access and exclusive benefits by subscribing to our free newsletter at

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