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Model Application Next Steps

The feimso Model Community includes a Profile on feimso as well as opportunities to be involved in social media content for TikTok and Meta (Instagram and Facebook). In the next 5 days you'll need to:

1. Download the feimso App for FREE from Google Play or the App Store below.

2. Open an Account.

3. Upload your first picture/post on the Lookbook as a model to showcase your skill.

4. Follow @esokolowskyj or @inafeimi and @feimso in the feimso App the Founders will use their profiles in feimso to look at your profile.

Good Luck and we're excited to work one-on-one and build a Community of Models to bring us to launch with a rich diversity of talent!

Also feel free to enter the PĀMU $500 jewellery Giveaway HERE


Is feimso a membership App?

feimso is a free platform for individuals, students and fashion enthusiasts. We will charge fashion brands and businesses a membership fee in the future but even for them - right now it's free. We're wanting content creation showcasing users using our App in fashion and their daily lives so our Content Creators will need to build a profile to create content with.

Is my Data Safe?

We're two girls that call New Zealand home, who decided to pivot during covid and create a fashion platform to connect the entire fashion industry for the first time.... ever. We're an e-commerce App so certain information is required to verify your identity and protect our users but we're not a scam and we're definitely not phishing. Our Privacy Policy is HERE.


Want to know more about the Founders?

Feel free to check out our own profiles:

Erin's LinkedIn

Ina's LinkedIn

Or Read more about our story HERE 

What does 'Beta' mean?

We're looking for Creators to build awareness about feimso and bring our first fans on board before we launch feimso publicly later this year officially. We need help and feedback to make sure everything is working and that means there will be little bumps along the way. To say thank you for coming to feimso and helping at such a pivotal time in our journey, we've got a list of extra perks which you can find more about HERE

More Information about feimso HERE


All Creators and VIP accounts selected will receive the following rewards:​


✔️ No membership fees for businesses for the first year (Individuals are free)

✔️ VIP priority access to exclusive events in the community

✔️ 3 Spotlight exposure spots in Upcoming Feature 'feimso Faves'*

✔️ Invite-only exclusive programs

✔️ Excluclusive pportunities to apply for free content production from feimso.

✔️ Giveaways and prize pools

✔️ Interviews and feimso commercial content opportunities

✔️ Access to exclusive Creator campaigns and challenges

✔️ feimso Original Badging visible on your profile when released

✔️ Exciting new opportunities in the future.​


* Terms and conditions apply

Have questions? Email Erin on

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