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About feimso

feimso is your go-to online fashion destination, uniting every facet of the industry in one platform. Our innovative platform merges social media, talent networking and e/re-commerce seamlessly. 

Everyone can create profiles to list, sell, rent, buy, monetise skills and services, connect and collaborate effortlessly for everything fashion.

The user-friendly feimso App is designed to make fashion interactive, more sustainable, and inclusive on a global scale. Join us as we redefine the future of fashion worldwide!


feimso Beta is Here!

feimso is now Beta Testing in New Zealand!

Click your provider option below to download and become one of our feimso Originals!

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Joining Beta means you become one of our Prima Users - and as a VIP, we've got some perks for you, for being one of the first! You could also WIN $500 just for joining us! 

Beta Testing

feimso Story

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feimso was born in 2021, in the middle of a pandemic when two friends Ina Feimi and Erin Sokolowsky, wanted to save their rental business. feimso came to life from multiple pain points, and the need to change and improve the fashion system from both perspectives: consumers and retailers... Continue Reading

Next Level Partnerships

Welcome to the opportunity of a lifetime! At feimso, we invite visionary investors to be part of the next big thing in the fashion industry. As we revolutionize the way people experience and engage with fashion, we're opening our doors to strategic partnerships.

If you're passionate about fashion, technology, and innovative platforms, this is your change to join our company. Connect with feimso's founders and explore the exciting journey of investment in a globally transformative project. 

To start the conversation, click HERE

Who can use feimso?

Get noticed and make money in the fashion industry with feimso. Our fashion-focused marketplace connects you with people and businesses you love locally and globally. Sign up today and take your fashion game to the next level!

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The feimso platform offers a seamless opportunity for all users to participate in the fashion industry. Create your very own feimso Shop where you can list, buy, sell or rent both pre-loved and new fashion items. 

In addition, our feimso Marketplace allows all users to monetize their skills, creations, workshops, and fashion experiences. Don't miss this chance to showcase your talents and build your brand in the fashion industry!

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Why feimso

Connecting the Fashion Industry

An immersive platform connecting all elements of the fashion industry that enable all users to connect, collaborate, buy from and sell to, from products services.

Tangible Sustainability

Buy and Sell new or pre-loved, and enjoy rental.. Users can make educated choices, and embrace easy sustainable features soon to follow.

An Academic Tool

A free platform for fashion, students to build their brand without the cost of a website, to make money and have a direct impact in their field both locally and globally.

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Shopping Challenges: Local vs. Global

feimso connects users with their local or global fashion community. Our beta testing in New Zealand is just the beginning - we plan to expand internationally to create new opportunities for fashion professionals across cultures, seasons, and trends. 

Exceptional User Experience

feimso is powered by our users. With our integrated e-commerce and social solutions, users can monetize their skills and expand their reach within the fashion industry.

Key Features

People are talking...

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Our Mission

We're committed to reshaping the fashion industry by unifying and providing easy access to all fashion elements under one roof, empowering people to thrive within a sustainable and circular fashion ecosystem. 

Our Vision

feimso's vision is to revolutionize the fashion industry by creating a one-stop-shop platform. We aim to become the largest fashion-focused platform in the world and lead the way in sustainable and mindful fashion.

Our Values

Contemporary Fashion Photography

'f'eimso is for

Freedom of fashion

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feimso Limited


7/439 Parnell Road, Parnell Auckland, New Zealand, 1051

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