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Your new home for fashion

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Available 2022 in the Apple App Store and Google Play 


"Connecting the fashion industry for the first time, ever."

A digital adaptation of the fashion industry where people, retailers, wholesalers and professionals can connect, have fun and make money. 

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feimso is currently in the Alpha Testing stage. Ensuring that our app is bug free is a priority for us so that our users can have the best experience possible.

In the meantime, explore our other channels to find out more about how feimso can be your new home for everything fashion!

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About Us

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Our Story

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Why feimso?

Founders' Promise

feimso exists to make peoples' fashion choices accessible, inclusive, fun and sustainable. We will be stubborn on our vision and agile on the details so we can fulfil the needs of our users and provide new and easy fashion solutions, in a way that only feimso can do.

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feimso: The App you never knew you needed

feimso is changing the way the world views fashion across e-commerce and social media with several key points of difference.

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Which type of feimso user will YOU be?

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Our Values

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